This is what we see and how we do. Every single project of our team and the masterpieces of our hand, neatly presented together with a little thought from our mind, so with every work we do, you can feel just like what we feel, and see just like how we see.

  • Communication (Jeffrey & Tia Prewedding)

    August 29th 2017 | Story by Irene Limanto | Lead by Klaus Khan

    Probably most relationships started from having mutual friends. Example. You were both in the same school but were never really friends, but you’ve seen them around, until one day the love fairy sent a cupid to your life, and call them...

  • First Time I Sea You (Wei Liang & Margareth Prewedding)

    August 23rd 2017 | Story and Lead by Artha The

    I enjoy every moment I spent with my clients, the couples that I mostly call as friends. Every session with them has easily become our precious time that I always remember. But I must admit that there are a few of them that I remember most, and...

  • From Comments to Commitment (Daniel & Cynthia Prewedding)

    August 15th 2017 | Story by Gita Lesmana | Lead by Klaus Khan

    I am a dog person, I love dogs because they are so funny, cute, lovely, and even though they sometimes break your sofa, they are the most faithful pet in the world for me. That’s why people say dog is a man’s best friend. Wait, what?...

  • Compromise (Yohan & Nelly Wedding)

    August 09th 2017 | Story by Nelly | Photo by Amel Leo

    I once believed in one love, once, for a lifetime. So I wanted to only date once in my life and get married. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that lucky. In reality, creating love is not that easy. It seemed like I was so naive back then. Being...