We are the people who still believe that love is the closest thing our world has to magic. With our tiny little hands but a big bubbly heart we want to craft every story beautifully so everyone can see and feel that magic as well.

Klaus Khan


"Let's start with some number. One-Sixty divided by Three-point-Five, equals to Five-and-a-Quarter. Yes, you nailed it! I am a happy 5.25ft tall Energizer Bunny with overflowing excitement and energy. I have a tremendously huge passion in capturing not only the beauty of a nature itself, but also the emotion of you, yes all of you lovebirds out there. If I can give you one word, it will be an old Spanish proverb saying "No Juzgar Un Libro Por Su Cubierta" - just google it, and be yourself, let's work together in #sharingLoveWithTheWorld."

Amel Leo


"There are a lot of beautiful things in this life, I wish my eyes could take pictures with just a blink. I always try to challenge myself to see differently from other people, because most of the time, pretty things are hidden beneath the obvious."

Artha The


"I love being around with people in love. Every smile, every movement, and every look they gave for each other speaks a language that only them can understand, and that's what I love to capture, smiles and laughs. Being a wedding photographer for me is not about capturing an event, it is a promise I made to be there as a witness and to storytell your story in the loveliest possible way."

Steven Lee


"I love watching people in love. You do silly things, inefficient things, but someone very close to my heart once said that sometime being inefficient is necessary in showing our love. You might find me very quiet while taking your pictures, that's because I need to fall deeply into the mood and let you feel as if you two were alone."

Elvin Fye

Visual Storyteller

"What I love about stories are that they create a world of their own and how I can be deeply immersed and involved in the world they created. Everything we see, everything we heard are just scattered pieces waiting to be put together as a story, everything is meant to be, and every piece has its purpose. What I do is just collecting the pieces of you and then arrange them into a story that you will cherish for years to come."

Gita Lesmana

Visual Storyteller

"I have so much hobbies and interests, but illustration, fine art photography, and blogging are the top three in my life. You might find it is comforting to share anything with me because of my sensitive heart. I am a dreamer and I always want to experience new things. Oh, and one last thing, my idol is Basuki Tjahaja Purnama."

Fany Tan

Visual Storyteller

"I love anything related to Art, especially paintings. Whenever I see a painting, I try to get deeper into the world inside the painting. Painting can be seen but cannot be heard, obviously, but if you try to listen, every painting has its own notes and rhythm, just like music, it's filled with the emotion of the painter."

Irene Limanto


I love seeing people in love. Their happy faces, the way they smile,how they sink into each others arms. It's probably one of the most beautiful things on earth. Food is one of my passions, and baking is my zen. I'm a coffee nut, a tea junkie, a book lover, and a huge dreamer. And I'm a sucker for cats!

William Ibanez


I am a dreamer and I want to achieve my goals. A lover of arts, music, movies and a chocoholic! Half of my soul is in the world of videography and the other is in photography. I am a humorous person. A talented and adorable young man. And I believe that "Experience is an adventure that makes us learn from challenges, and it's the greatest lesson in life."

Susan Limanto

Visual Storyteller

I love surrounding myself with beautiful things. Those little knick knacks from stationery stores, home accessories, pretty kitchen utensils, handwritten quotes and dream catchers and anything wooden and Japanese packaging! And of course, stories of people in love. Of people searching for love and finding love and being in love. Because what's more beautiful than love? Except maybe cats.

Vialli Ang


I travelled 4,744 miles from the land of the long white cloud to start a new adventure at my birthplace. Picking up a new skill is my way of getting out of my comfort zone. I firmly believe learning has no boundaries and there is no such thing as "too late" when it comes to learning. I strive to expand my mind, follow my dreams and go after the impossible! Keep calm and carry on!

Jourdan Febu


I perceive the world differently with photography. To be a wedding photographer is a blessing and a privilege for me because I'm able to witness and capture one of the most memorable moments in people's lives. I'd also like to consider myself as an adventurous person who likes trying new things. When I'm not on duty, you can find me tasting unique and good food while wandering around with a huge backpack on.

Julia Halim


"Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream." -Donatella Versace. I love fashion. People are always curious as to why. Is it because of the pretty clothes? No, it's not. Fashion has a world of its own. It tells a story. It feels like a dream, the way it sometimes tell mysterious stories. It's just like people in love. They have their own stories. When I look at and listen to the way they share their history and the future ahead of them, I always feel excited to help them create a new story about their life.